We offer a large variety of landscaping products including:

Black Dirt :

  • Top Soil - High quality, screened black dirt which is easier to work with.
    It has no rocks or clumps.
 Landscaping Products Balsam Lake WI
Many Varieties of Trap Rock:

  • ¾ Inch Clean
  • 1 ½
  • Trap Rock Class 5
  • Class 5 Modified
  • #40 Sand
Many Sizes and Varieties of Decorative Rock & Patio Pavers / Retaining Wall Block

  • ¾ Inch Clean
  • Deco Rock ¾ to 1 ½
  • Limestone Class 5
River Rock:

  • Pea Rock
  • ¾ Clean
  • 1 ½
  • Road Gravel Class 5
Fieldstone/Boulders from 4" to 48"  
Dyed & Non-Dyed Hardwood Mulches:Mulch is protective covering used in landscaping and gardening.

Protective meaning that it retains moisture, maintains even soil temperatures,

prevents erosion, controls weeds, enriches the soil, and is decorative.

There are a wide variety of mulches on the market. The most common

mulch used in our area is hardwood that is indigenous to our area.

Our manufactured colored mulches are the upcoming products of the future.

For environmentally minded landscapers and consumers this is an

excellent chance for all of us to close the loop on recycling clean wood.

Commercial and residential applications show unique contrast,

which make green plants even greener. Our mulches are colored

with environmentally safe colorants

  • Non-Dyed
  • Chocolate
  • Gold
  • Red

  • Reject Sand
  • Washed Sand
Step Units:

Ultra high strength stone solutions

  • Ultra high strength construction