Liquor Store Balsam Lake WI

Jonzy Market Country Convenience / Beer / Liquor Store Balsam Lake WI

located 5 Miles East of Balsam Lake on Cty Rd I.


Check out our beer coolers…
and weekly beer specials!

Jonzy Market carries a wide variety of
beer, liquor, wine and pop.


EVERY DAY 6 am-9 pm

We are very proud at Jonzy market to offer a diverse selection of wines, champagnes, liquors, and beer.

Come in and browse our wide selection or ask one of our friendly staff to help you fine what you need. Our prices are very affordable and don't forget the ICE!

This weeks specials are:

Beer Specials good September 23rd thru October 13th, 2022

Miller High Life 30 pk cans $24.29

Miller Lite 12 pk bottles $12.29

Topo Chico Seltzers 12 pk cans $17.79

Liquor Specials good September 23rd thru Oct 13th, 2022:

Kendall Jackson Rose Wine 750ml $15.79

Revel Stoke Smores Whiskey 1L $16.99

Admiral Nelson Spiced Rum 1L $11.89